FREDERIC M gives all our partners access to a collection of tools and resources dedicated to training and motivating sales teams.


Your network

Your mentor and your Special Distributor will advise and support you. Helping each other out, sharing, and enthusiasm are the keys to a good network.

A sales department

Which does everything to help, facilitate, and support your development: startup help, information, advice, and more...

Motivating sales challenges

Allowing you to travel around the world after meeting your goals

Sales campaign events

With a variety of promotional offers on the season's hit products.

Seminars and conferences

To train you at each important step of your development, and celebrate your success as part of the large FREDERIC M family.

Magazines and materials

For your training, information on current promotional events, and to recognize the key players in the FREDERIC M network and their stories.


General or thematic materials that you can use for your own personal development, or to train your own distributors (videos, documents, PowerPoint's, and more).

A website

For your training, information about current promotional events, and to recognize the key players of the FREDERIC M network, along with their stories.