Whether it be extra income or a career change, door-to-door selling or network management, you have the choice of many paths at FREDERIC M.


The career of an independent representative/distributor with FREDERIC M can take many forms. It is for men and women who:
- are interested in the world of beauty, well-being, and natural products
- want to launch a new career in sales, management, coaching, or sales management.

Three profiles, three paths with FREDERIC M:


Sophie, sales representative.

Sophie is passionate about cosmetics. As a user of our products, she contacted a distributor who helped her start her business and trained her in just a few sessions.
Today, Sophie spends between 4 and 8 hours each week selling FREDERIC M door-to-door, with a network of customers who appreciate her support, advice, and availability.
A few weeks ago, Sophie recruited her best friend to her team, who is also passionate about the world of sales and beauty products.
Depending on her sales, Sophie supplements her income by between €300 and €800 every month.


Stéphane, coaching and team management.

Stéphane has good interpersonal skills and loves business. He was attracted to the growing sector of beauty and well-being, and quickly developed strong skills in training and team management.
He became a FREDERIC M distributor, and built a team of 10 representatives. In addition to training and coaching them each week, he also personally sells FREDERIC M nutritional products during the week.
He spends between 10 and 20 hours on the business each week, and is getting ready to devote himself half-time before choosing a network management career with FREDERIC M. Depending on his team's revenues and his performance, Stéphane makes between €1000 and €2000 each month.


Anne, entrepreneurship and management.

Anne first came to FREDERIC M in sales. After a year of business, and having recruited successful representatives to her team, she quickly understood the potential of a full-time FREDERIC M business.
Anne built her own independent team, and now has a network of nearly 80 representatives in her region, some of whom are themselves trainers and group leaders.
Since she created her team, Anne has met all of the sales challenges organized by FREDERIC M, has taken her husband on vacation, and discovered CEO talent that no previous professional experience had given her the chance to show.
Anne works full time for her team, is a FREDERIC M special distributor, and earns over €3000 a month.