Thanks to its flexible economic model, new digital tools and the career opportunities it offers, relationship-based selling is the business sector of the future


The general public is often unfamiliar with relationship-based selling, which is now in a period of rapid development. It is adapted to our times, has strong growth potential for everyone, and is constantly modernizing.

A small investment, unlimited growth
It only takes a small investment to start a career with FREDERIC M, compared to a traditional independent business. From documentation and startup tools, to demonstration and self-training products, this start-up investment is the smallest of any business sector, depending on the extent to which you would like to get involved. The profits made from selling the products are immediate, and there are no prerequisite conditions for making commissions from the sales of the distributors you recruit and manage.

Flexibility and independence, adapted to today's tight schedules
You can start a FREDERIC M business on top of your current work hours, part-time, or you can launch yourself into a full-time career that will grow depending on how much time and energy you are willing to invest.
 FREDERIC M's relationship-based sales system has enabled thousands of men and women from very different walks of life (seeking a new professional direction, at the end of maternity leave, with new ambitions, or simply looking for freedom) to achieve success and earnings like never before in their lives.

Tools in phase with today's world
The "FREDERIC M I.D." project was launched in 2012 by the FREDERIC M research and development teams. Its objective is to completely rethink sales and customer satisfaction in relationship-based sales, by using new mobile equipment (smartphones and tablets) as well as providing all distributors, from beginners to experts, with the most complete documentation and training database ever offered. The first version of the FREDERIC M ID iPad app will launch in early 2014.