Customer satisfaction and transparency are at the heart of your business.


From the very beginning, FREDERIC M chose relationship-based sales as its distribution channel, placing customer satisfaction and transparency at the heart of our operations.

No other distribution channel allows such close proximity and such a fruitful relationship between the producer and the customer. Developed at the end of the twentieth century in the United States, relationship-based sales is also known as "Network Marketing" or "Multi-level Marketing." It is a distribution system that links the producer to a network of independent distributors, in a process built on support, trust, and professional development.

Every day, men and women of many professional situations, ages, and backgrounds become FREDERIC M distributors.

They run their business for an additional source of income, or to take advantage of a new career opportunity, which, unlike the traditional business sector, has unlimited growth potential. Relationship-based selling is represented in France by the Federation for Direct Sales (Fédération de la Vente Directe). It is legal, highly regulated, and structured by an extremely rigorous code of ethics. For 30 years, FREDERIC M has enabled thousands of men and women to change careers, become independent, earn a commission every month, travel, and train themselves in a new career with a very low initial investment.